established in 2013 by Portland audio engineers Andrew Grosse & Jose De Lara

Caravan offers professional recording at competitive rates (engineering, mixng and mastering).

We have the mobility to multitrack 16 channels in any environment imaginable or out of our studio at The Information warehouse (which has a live room, control room and an iso booth).

we are now also available for live gigs (foh sound and/or tour managing).

Check out this video to get an idea of what we're all about...



back from eu, sailor gaines, rip & bobby peru - 12.16.14 by Andrew

GADDAMN that was an intense 2 & 1/2 months on the road with wampire on their us, uk & euro tours. what a blast!

I'm back in portland to finish mixing a project for sailor gaines. then making an ep for bobby peru (side project of big black cloud's nick cappello) and r.i.p.'s first lp in January.

got openings in February - lets make some records or go on tour!



HELL YEAH. erik olsen from lord dying votes DRUNK DAD'S "ripper killer" to be the #1 2014 release from portland's heavy music scene!


OUT ON THE ROAD again - 09.13.14 by Andrew

Damn. What a good year making records. It was a pleasure working with Valkyrie Rodeo, Drunk Dad, TIG BITTY, Tyrants, Tiny Knives, Big Black Cloud, Needles and Pizza, 63 Fremonts, The Mcarthy Era and Dad Rock.

Jose and I are both going to be on the road for a little while. Drunk Dad is doing a US tour and I'm heading out with my buddies in Wampire to run sound & TM for a month and a half...

we'll be sharing stages with temples, fever the ghost and tops! MUCH EXCITE!

Caravan is booked up in November, but we're now accepting submissions for session work, live sound and tour managing in December / 2015!





Well this session started off being a demo, but then the good ol' boys at Eolian Records digged it so much they decided to release it as an EP!

Get yer boots blown off by the Portland based bombastic noise assault that is Big Black Cloud!



DRUNK DAD'S "LIGHT A FIRE" HITS NOISEY! - 05.12.14 by Andrew

Drunk Dad's first LP "Ripper Killer" is done! Engineered and Mixed by yours truly and Mastered by Ryan Foster. Check out one of 9 tracks up on Noisey now!

Full interview here:

Light A Fire here:


Treefort ruled! So exhausted! We got to work with a lot of great bands this year. But the pinnacle of the festival (for me at least) had to be filming and capturing audio for "Band Dialogue II / Skatefort" which featured the bands AU, Pontiak, Inner Oceans, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Art Fad, Phantahex, Twin Steps, Sun Blood Stories and hosted / conducted by Akron/Family's Seth Olinsky. 20+ guitars, 6 basses, a couple of keys and horn sections and 9 drum kits all lined up in a skatepark generating a huge wall of sound. Massive & minimal Swans-esqe guitar swells with occasional noise freakouts all surrounding 20 or so kids skating. We pretty much maxed out all audio gear we had with us to close mic all kits and pick up everything else by stereo / ambient micing the environment at various distances. Can't wait till we get around to editing and mixing it!


NS-10s + TYRANTS + TREEFORT FEST - 02.18.14 by Andrew


March is going to be pretty busy... we'll be tracking new recordings for Portland punk/noise band Tyrants and I'll be heading out once more to Boise for Treefort Fest to run audio for Into The Woods!! Last year was a blast... especially our takeaway shoots. I definitely can't say I've had any other opportunities to track bands in abandon brothels, in a field next to a military base, at a school playground, inside an old penitentiary...

I remember somehow managing to climb up to the third level of cell blocks (since there was no easy access to it) to get a room mic up high when we shot Sun Angle. #audionerd

Also, we've added a pair of Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors to our arsenal!!

LIVE AT THE BBC - 02.15.14 by Jose



SLUDGEFEST AT 411 - 01.19.14 by Andrew


Tracking Drunk Dad at the warehouse tonight. Three words... Joseph Fucking Naylor. Easily on my top five favorite Portland drummers list.


DIY ISO WALLS & SUB MIC + NEW MICS - 01.04.14 by Andrew


Just finished up some projects for Caravan... I built 6 new iso walls / baffle panels for sound treatment & Jose handcrafted a sub kick mic using an old harmon kardon subwoofer! ALSO new mics in... A Cascade Fathead ribbon, a 2nd Sennheiser MD421 (cause they just sound so damn good on toms) and a pair of Diyac RM-5 ribbons!


A WEEKEND WITH MR. SIMMONS - 12.20.13 by Andrew


I'll be teaming up with audio engineer & good friend Jeff Simmons Saturday to track Martain Manhunter from Eugene, OR and Sunday to run audio for an Into the Woods session with Ural Thomas!